CarbondALE Brew Fest

Home Brewers Competition

The Homebrew has been postponed for this year as well as the Carbondale Brew Fest. We will be working to get more details out soon.



1. Submit two 10-14 ounce bottles with no distinguishing marks on the bottle or cap. Blacked-out caps are acceptable.

2. Entrant Information Form: Please complete this form ONE TIME ONLY for each entrant. No club affiliation is necessary to enter. If you submit multiple beers, you will need to fill out a form for each of the beers (e.g., 4 beers, 4 forms).

3. Entry Listing Form: Only one Entrant Info form per person is needed, but use additional copies of the Entry List if needed to list all of your entries. Please include any additional notes that are required by BJCP guidelines for styles 6D, 16E, 17F, 20, 21, 22B, 22C, 25C, 26A, 27E, and 28B-D. See BJCP style guidelines for the specific requirements.

4. Bottle Labels: Cut out the bottle labels and affix a Bottle Label with the requisite information to each bottle with rubber band(s) – do not use tape. Be sure to include the Entry Number, the BJCP category code (e.g. 2B for Bohemian Pilsner), the Style Name, and any additional information needed. Please ensure that the information on the Bottle Label is complete and matches that on the Entry Listing and Entrant Information Forms. There is no limit on the number of entries an individual may submit, but only one entry per sub-category will be allowed. Copy the Bottle Labels page as needed.

6. All shipped entries must be sent to the location below (do not ship via USPS). Pack your entries carefully and time them to arrive before April 20, 2019. All entries will be refrigerated upon receipt.

7. Categories may be combined if there are insufficient entries in a given category. If categories are combined, your beer will be judged and scored based on the category you entered it into. All the scores in the combined category will be ranked, and the highest score will be selected as category winner and move onto Best in Show. 

8. Final judging is on Saturday, April 25th 2020. All entrants are invited to attend Carbondale Brew Fest at the Carbondale Town Square Pavilion on Friday, May 1st, starting at 6 PM (early entry for VIP). Admission is a separate fee.

9. Entries will be accepted between April 1st-April 20th.

10.  Medals are awarded to the top three finishers in each category, including Best in Show, during our Awards ceremony.

12. We will send the score sheets in the mail as soon as possible, along with any medals that were not picked up during the Awards Ceremony.

Entries shipped to or dropped off at:

Hangar 9

511 s. Illinois ave.

Carbondale, Il 62901

Fermentation Science Institute 

1785 University dr,

Carbondale, Il 62901


Big Muddy Brewing

1430 n 7th st.

Murphysboro Il, 62966


4204 Main Street Brewing Company

4204 w. Main st.

Belleville, Il 62223

Click the links below for rules and registration forms.